Capsons Co.

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Advantage of Capsons

  • Strong R & D and Collections
    • Working with some of the top brands around the world, we are aware of what's in fashion!
    • We work hard at keeping our collections and designs up to date for customers who are limited in their resource for design so that we can empower their designing capabilities.
    • For those with strong design teams, we have a strong in-house sampling team that can turn concepts into reality.
  • Competitive Pricing
    • We constantly monitor raw skin prices to keep our prices of leather in check and
      competitive with global competitors.
    • We have a base of strategic partners who we use to ensure that manufacturing is done at the most competitive partners rather than restricting ourselves to our own
      in-house capabilities.
    • We work to understand our customer's pricing requirements and collaborate to offer creative product solutions to achieve required pricing brackets.
  • Quality Conscious Production
    • Wehave experienced QC' s who understand leather and leather products and are focused to ensuring each production shipped is of international standards.
    • Our team of dedicated QC' s are able to cater to the needs of some of our
      customer's who use anAQL 1.5in leather.
    • We have established relationships with Bureau Veritas, SCS, Intertek and are regularly meeting product testing requirements for quality conscious brands
      across the globe.
  • Flexible Lead Times
    • Our 35 year history has built us a wide network of reliable tanneries around the country that we process our leathers with, which has given us flexibility of qualities and delivery schedules in leather procurement.
    • Also, we understand the need for quick re-order timelines and consistently manage tight lead times for re-orders, allowing our customers to benefit from "best selling" styles.
  • Honesty & Partnership
    • In the last 35 years of exporting man-made leather fashion products from India, we also recognize the human element, our environment and possibly other aspects of production that can't be controlled are also part of the manufacturing process and things sometimes don't always go to plan. However, we believe our customer's to be our partners and pride ourselves on being honest with them on issue so that the best decisions and solutions can be made together.